Como hacer Viral mis Productos en Instagram este 2024

How to make my Products Viral on Instagram this 2024

Instagram has added new features over the years, such as Stories, Reels, and the shopping feature, which have made it a powerful tool for businesses and digital marketing. It is distinguished by being a visual social network where images and videos take center stage. The platform allows users to share photos and videos in just 60 seconds and includes a large number of filters and tools to edit and improve the quality of the content.

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In this article I will explain how to make your products go viral in 2024. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world, and if you know how to use it, it can be a very powerful tool to promote your products and increase sales. how-to-make-my-products-viral-on-instagram-this-2023-instagram-viral

First you should know this:

What exactly is Instagram?
Instagram is a social network that allows users to share photos and videos, as well as interact with friends, family, brands and celebrities around the world. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded the company in 2010 and Facebook bought it in 2012.

How does Instagram work?

Instagram operates through the creation of a user account and the publication of content in the feed. Users can follow other users, like their posts and comment on them. They can also send direct messages to other users and share content on their stories.

The Instagram feed is a collection of posts from the accounts a user follows. Instagram's algorithm determines which posts appear first in the feed, taking into account relevance, date of publication, and user interaction with the account.

Instagram stories are temporary posts that disappear after 24 hours. Users can add text, images and videos to their stories, as well as polls, questions and location tags, allowing them to interact with their followers.

Instagram is a great marketing tool for businesses because it allows them to reach a global audience and build relationships with customers.

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5 most important points to go viral on Instagram in 2023.

1-. Use Relevant Hashtags.


Hashtags are a way to categorize and find content on Instagram. Use a maximum of three hashtags that are relevant and accurate to your industry and target audience so that your posts are more visible and reach more people.

2-. Create Visually Engaging Content.


Make sure your products are displayed in an understandable and attractive way. To highlight your products you can use high-quality images, short videos and animations. After that, I'll give you some tips on how to create visually appealing content:

  • Know your audience: Before you start creating content, it is essential to understand your audience and their interests. Research what they like and how they communicate, and tailor your content to their needs.
  • Use vibrant colors – Colors can catch the attention of users on social media. Use a consistent color palette across your posts to create visually appealing branding.
  • Play with the composition: It is the arrangement of the elements in an image or video. Experiment with different angles and compositions to create a visually appealing and unique image.
  • Use high-quality images: Use high-resolution photos and make sure they are sharp and clear.
  • Incorporate text: Use legible fonts and make sure the text is easy to read.
  • Create a visual story: Use a series of images or videos to tell a visually engaging story.
  • Use the rule of thirds: It is a composition technique that consists of dividing an image into vertical and horizontal thirds. Place important elements at the intersections of these lines to create a visually appealing image.
  • Keep it simple: In terms of visual design, less is often more. Keep your images and videos simple and clean to avoid distractions and ensure your message is clear.
  • Be consistent: Make use of a consistent color palette and readable font throughout your posts.

Creating visually appealing content is an important part of digital marketing on social media. With these tips, you can create content that captures your audience's attention and helps you promote your brand or business. Remember that knowing your audience and maintaining consistency are essential to creating visually appealing content.

3-. Use Instagram Reels.


Reels is an Instagram feature that allows users to create and share short videos of up to 60 seconds. It launched in over 50 countries in August 2020 and has quickly become one of Instagram's most popular features.

Users can create reels using video editing tools within the Instagram app, such as:

  • Music: You can add tracks from Instagram's music library or use original music created by other users.
  • Effects: You can use enhanced reality effects to add filters and special effects to your videos.
  • Timer and countdown: You can set a timer and countdown to record videos without having to press the record button at the exact moment.
  • Alignment: You can use the alignment feature to create smooth transitions between different video clips.

Once you've created a Reel, you can share it on your Instagram profile, in the Reels section at the bottom of the home page, or in your history. The feature gives users a creative way to share short and entertaining video content. As with other Instagram features, users can use Reels to connect with new followers, expand their reach, and promote their brand or business. Reels have become an important part of the Instagram experience for many users, thanks to easy-to-use video editing tools and a large global audience.

4-.Collaboration with influencers.


Collaborating with influencers can be a great way to increase the visibility of your products. Look for influencers with a similar audience to your target audience and who are willing to promote your products on their Instagram accounts.

Here are some tips and considerations for working with influencers in your marketing strategy:

  • Identify appropriate influencers.
  • Define your goals and expectations.
  • Make a clear agreement.
  • Allow creativity.
  • Monitor and evaluate results.
  • Maintain a long-term relationship, and lastly, be transparent.

With a successful collaboration, you can increase your brand visibility, reach a wider audience, and increase your sales or conversion.

5-. Create contests and giveaways.


Contests and giveaways are a great way to generate interaction and increase the visibility of your products. You can create a contest or giveaway to encourage users to tag their friends or share your posts in their stories with these tips below:

  • Define your objectives.
  • Set clear rules.
  • Choose an attractive prize.
  • Promote the contest.
  • Set a deadline.
  • Choose an appropriate winner.

With a successful contest, you can increase the reach and loyalty of your audience, generate leads, and increase the visibility of your brand.

6-. Use Instagram Shopping.


It is an excellent tool to increase sales and brand visibility on social networks. However, make sure of the following:

  • Set up your account: To get started, you need to make sure you have an Instagram for business account and that it is linked to a Facebook page. After that, you need to set up Instagram Shopping on your account, which will allow you to tag products in your posts.
  • Create engaging content: Make sure to tag your products in each post so your followers can click on them and learn more.
  • Tag your products: Tag each post so your followers can click on them and get more information. You can also categorize products on Instagram stories.
  • Use the product carousel: Use the carousel to categorize multiple products in a single post. This feature is especially useful for displaying different variations or displaying a collection of related products.
  • Provide discounts and promotions: You can use the “Promotion” feature to create ads and promotions directly from your Instagram account.
  • Measure your results: Track your sales and engagement with Instagram's analytics tool.
  • Use Instagram Live: This tool allows you to show your products in real time and answer questions from your followers. This feature is ideal for increasing interaction and engagement with your audience.

"Making your products viral on Instagram in 2023 requires creativity, consistency and strategy."

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