Quick Guide to Create your Online Store with Shopify 2024

There is no luck, luck is, in reality, an opportunity, and opportunities must be executed

Let's go back to my early days when I was starting to sell personalized mugs.

I was taking the first steps in my business and I remember that my friends or close people to whom I told what I was doing used to say to me: "Ah, cups." Clearly, we come from a culture where selling mugs or paintings is not considered a BIG BUSINESS that could make thousands of dollars.

However, the reality is that it is in the United States.

Have you ever found yourself in that situation?

The truth is that I didn't know either. I was just starting out and what I was looking for was to generate additional income to reinvest later in the clothing business, which was what I knew.

But something happened in October. My wife and I focused on a specific niche which was gifts for BEST FRIENDS and we create more than 10 customizable products. It was amazing because I remember one night I created some ads on Facebook, I activated some ads for our Etsy shop and the next day we woke up and:

WHATTTTTTT! Magically, we had more than 40 orders and they kept coming. We had no idea how we were going to ship all those orders.

That was the beginning of an adventure that continues...

We have sold so far more than 20,000 orders of the same design in different types of products.

Every year we create new designs for seasons and improving the ones we already have positioned.

Currently, we are working on several products for the season. Mother's Day 2024 .

It's a great time to sell, and that's precisely why I created my Training Program.

In my program, I am offering a personalized level of support, working with my students on their products and providing them with guidance to start selling this season.

You still have time to join.



However, this does not mean that you cannot undertake it yourself. Below I provide you with a quick guide with the tools you need to start your online business.

Step 1: Creating the Shopify Store

  1. Sign up for Shopify:

    • Visit Shopify and create an account.
  2. Set up your Store:

    • Personalize your store with an attractive name, a pleasant design and a clear product structure.
  3. Add Products:

    • Easily add products using the Shopify interface.

Step 2: Integration with Gelato and Printify

  1. Create Free Accounts in Gelato and Printify:

  2. Shopify integration:

    • Connect Gelato and Printify with your Shopify store to manage print on demand.

Step 3: Designs with Creative Fabrica

  1. Free Account at Creative Fabrica:
    • Sign up to Creative Fabrica to get 10 free designs and access to a wide variety.

Step 4: Customization with Canvas

  1. Use Canvas:
    • Use Canva to customize your products and create unique designs.

Step 5: Social Networks and Advertising

  1. Create Profiles on Social Networks:

    • Set up accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest to promote your store.
  2. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram:

  3. TikTok and Pinterest:

    • Exploit the potential of TikTok and Pinterest to showcase your products creatively.

Step 6: Opening an Etsy Store

  1. Create an Etsy Store:

    • Expand your online presence by opening an Etsy store.
  2. Publish Products on Etsy:

    • Upload your products and use effective keywords to increase visibility.

Remember, every high-performance athlete and business mogul has a coach in their life.

Talk to you soon,
Chris Uzcategui
CEO and Founder of Ceomarket.com

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