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Sell ​​on Amazon with Print on Demand - Step by Step Guide

Sell ​​on Amazon with Print on Demand - Step by Step Guide

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In this digital book I will teach you step by step how to sell print-on-demand products on, but not only that, I will show you what products to sell and how to achieve success in selling personalized products online.

This guide could be for you, if:

  • You are looking for financial independence

  • You have a passion for entrepreneurship

  • You want to diversify your sources of income

  • You aspire to work from anywhere

  • You want to learn from successful experiences

What will I learn with this guide?

  • Open a company and account in dollars in the US from any country.

  • Branding

  • Advantages of Print on Demand

  • Niche and audience selection

  • Recommended Print on Demand Companies (That I use)

  • Popular products (That I sell)

  • Customizable designs (No design experience)

  • Creation and configuration of your store on Amazon

  • SEO in your store on Amazon (Techniques that I apply)

  • Sales Strategies on Amazon (The Only Ones I Implement)

  • The best Tools for online business on Amazon (My favorites)

  • My personal story on Amazon, recommendations, tips and much more.


I started in the world of E-commerce in 2012 selling Outfits for women in Mercado Libre. Due to the economic and political situation in my country I decided to emigrate to the United States where I got a job in a Car Wash 8 to 12 hours a day. When I got home I opened my laptop to investigate how I could start selling products online in this country. I'm skinny but at that time I was in BONE hahaha The stress of the emigrant I guess.

The important thing here is that my mentality was always to be an entrepreneur, so after 6 months I started opening my store on offering personalized products. In my first year I sold more than 7,000 orders and from there I began to climb until I reached 90,000 orders annually. As ? At first it was a journey but little by little I began to understand these platforms. Niche, Product, Seasons, Marketing and strategies. The trick ? There is no trick, but there are smart ways.

This digital book will provide you with a complete guide to starting and developing a Print on Demand business on Amazon from conceptualizing your brand to implementing effective sales and marketing strategies. As I continue to sell personalized products on Amazon every year, it will help you take advantage of the opportunities of this constantly growing market and achieve success in selling personalized products online.

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All rights reserved. By Chris Uzcategui

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