Personaliza tu producto sin Invertir Dinero por Adelantado

Customize your product without investing money in advance

If you have made the important decision to start selling personalized products, I am here to guide you every step of the way in a professional and effective manner. Many fashion influencers, brands and companies have already adopted the personalized product strategy to expand their online presence and, more importantly, increase their revenue.

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In this blog, we'll explain from start to finish the basics of merchandising and print-on-demand for custom products, as well as creating your own online store. My goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to achieve new online sales and maximize your profits.

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What are personalized products?

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Simply put, they are items that can be adapted by a third party for sale. Whether you're a content creator on YouTube, a prominent figure on Instagram, or a fashion brand looking to innovate, product printing and print-on-demand are essential tools to elevate your online presence.

These custom products can cover a wide range of items, from t-shirts and hoodies to water bottles, backpacks, shoes, stickers, canvases, and mugs. This concept has been around for a long time, being used by bands, organizations, clubs and companies to personalize their products and create a unique identity.

Custom Merchandise Land Layout

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We will now talk about the field of personalized merchandise and the various players that participate in this dynamic market.

What is the current situation in the field of personalized products?

Among the most important are:

1.Clothing Lines:

Whether manufacturers, distributors or sole proprietors, clothing lines play a crucial role. Companies like American Apparel, for example, not only operate retail stores, but also offer their garments as "blanks" for printing and customization. These garments serve as the basis for personalized products that can be found in physical stores or online influencer platforms.

2.Distributors and Printers:

Beyond clothing lines, distributors and printing companies are involved. Big names in the market may even launch specific clothing lines to meet the demand for printed and personalized merchandise. It is important to highlight that the quality of these products is not compromised, being comparable to that offered by conventional designer brands.

3.Accessories and Other Manufacturers:

We should not limit our perspective solely to clothing; The custom products industry also includes manufacturers of accessories and other various items. These participants, outside the textile field, play an active and relevant role in the sector, contributing to the diversification and breadth of the personalized merchandise market.

It is evident that large clothing lines are not the only protagonists in the field of personalized products. Various manufacturers of accessories and other products, apart from clothing, also play a fundamental role in this important industry.

The path of personalized merchandise

Custom merchandise is:

  • First created by manufacturers.
  • It is purchased through a distributor who stocks the item for sale.
  • This distributor will sell to other printers, retail organizations, and stores.
  • In some cases, distributors will also be involved in printing on the products.
  • It is sold in your store.
  • It is printed and sent via drop-ship directly to your customers.
  • No inventory required to be maintained.

Distribution of personalized products:

These distributors can be specialized, such as:

  • Sports or fitness

  • Suppliers of a wide variety of clothing and merchandise items.

  • Additional line from a designer brand.

  • In the past, ordering through distributors was limited to large quantities due to the expensive methods used, known as screen printing. This technique was only profitable if a considerable volume of the product was sold.

However, with the evolution of personalized products, it is now possible to sell small quantities, even just one unit, directly to customers through online platforms such as Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and even websites that have sales sections. stores, even if they are not dedicated exclusively to electronic commerce.

Custom merchandise is purchased and sold through direct shipments from the distributor to the customer, eliminating the need to maintain inventory. This transformation has generated a significant change in the sale of products, benefiting influencers, causes and organizations, as well as online entrepreneurs, whether casual or dedicated, who seek to generate additional income or even completely sustain their online profits.

Find your perfect partner in personalized products

When choosing a custom merchandise distributor, research becomes essential. Factors such as shipping times, delivery times, and inventory availability are primary concerns for sellers. The choice of distributor can greatly influence these aspects, so it is crucial to consider the distributor's customer base, product availability, quality and cost.

In this sense, when working with some of these platforms such as Printify, printful, gelato, flexibility is on your side, allowing you to easily adjust these aspects in the future. The location of the distributor is also a key factor; Choosing one that aligns with your initial customer base can be strategic, even if your goal is to sell globally.

It is essential to look beyond cost when selecting a distributor, as the profitability of the business is influenced by a number of factors, including the type of products, shipping time, reputation of the distributor, and price.

Where to get custom designs

For those looking for quality designs for their products, I recommend Creative Market . If you are looking for striking illustrations, I recommend exploring the Illustrations section and, specifically, going to the Clipart category.

By clicking on this option, you will open up a world of creative possibilities, as Clipart offers versatile graphic elements ready to use in a variety of contexts.

From decorative elements to icons and themed graphics, Clipart on Creative Market is a valuable option for those looking to customize their designs quickly and effectively.

5 Examples of designs that you can buy to adapt to your products

You can buy pre-made designs at Creative Market to adapt them to your products and offer them as customization options.

Example with designs:


Source Creative Market and etsy


Font Creative Market


Font Creative Market


Font Creative Market


Source Creative Market and etsy

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